Catch some tunes

Everything here is here because I own the CDs. These are for evaluational purposes only, so please delete after 48 hours. If you are able to do so, please buy the cds. DO NOT HOTLINK THESE FILES. If you would like to hear his songs as Kamio Akira (Tennis no Oujisama), please head on over to Underdogs.

{Angel's Feather} Key w/Yamaguchi Kappei (length: 4.46; size: 6.56 mb; bitrate: 192cbr) [Download]
{Love Drops} Shining Star (length: 4:20; size: 9.92 mb; bitrate: 320cbr) [Download]
{Saint Beast} Crystal Magic (length: 3:34; size: 3.27 mb; bitrate: 128cbr) [Download]
{Sumomo mo Momo mo} Bonnou Midare Ouya w/Miyazaki Ui (length: 4:37; size: 10.5mb; bitrate: 320cbr) [Download]