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Name Country Contact Website Fave. Role
Aeneid Philippines email website Luke fon Fabre, Asch the Bloody
Agi Indonesia website Luke fon Fabre
Arai-Hime United States website
Aura Belgium website
Bosie Austria email website
ChibiNeko-chan Finland website
Dai Germany website
Fanny France website
Fueru Indonesia website Asch the Bloody , Luke fon Fabre
Hazuki Auel Indonesia website Herlock Holmes
Iro United States email website
Izuho Malaysia email website Kamio Akira
Jac Singapore email website
Jennifer Colburn United States email website
Judzy Germany email website Osaka Kurisu
Koh United States website
Liah England website
Lyrica Austria website Luke fon Fabre / Asch the Bloody (Tales of the Abyss)
Miss Ayaka France website
Morningbear Canada email website Kamishiro Albert (Hime Hibi 2), Osaka Kurisu (Angel's Feather)
Natsumi Indonesia website Luke fon Fabre, Asch the Bloody, Kohta
Nori United States email website Kamio Akira, Platina Pastenr
Noriko Italy email website
Platinum Canada website
Rene Singapore email website